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Dear Art Patron,

For thousands of years Art has been a symbol of evolution of mankind, from cavemen to modern man the most beautiful, imaginary and creative urges have been depicted through art.

Art has forever proven its therapeutic value. Often amidst the stress of a busy hectic day when you pause and take a moment to reflect on the radiance of the art surrounding you, it lends a sense of peacefulness and satisfaction. The great poet Keats rightly mentioned "A thing of beauty is joy forever". One has the privilege to draw endless joy from the work of art that is original especially because it is a direct outlet of the artist's creativity and has been proven to enhance the productivity level by at least 25% in work environments.

Amid a host of paintings in a gallery or an artist's website ones attention is turned towards one as in the quietness of your observation the painting starts whispering with its non verbal vocabulary, uplifting your spirits, and moving your heart... Every piece of authentic work of art does it to you every time you exchange one look with it. It never stops communicating just like revisiting classic literature perennially unleashes something novel every time one approaches it perceptively. So is it for original art, which the artist has poured from the deep caverns of his consciousness and laid upon the beautiful platter with truth, because it has come as an authentic expression of oneself in the process also assisting self discovery. And that cannot help but touch the onlooker every time he approaches it with an observer's eye.

The joy of a good painting adorning the walls of your home, simultaneously getting added as an asset to your wealth is a unique preposition.

Moreover one becomes the owner of a one of a kind creation which no one else in the world has. Collections of Original Art speak volumes about class and persona of the collector. It enhances the interior décor and does wonders to the aura of the house. And if these were reasons not good enough:

A glance at ET Art Index proves the success stories of original Art as an investment to confirm the astounding growth art has experienced with the index jumping from 116 to 3600 over the last 5-6 years, and as per experts this is just the beginning...!

With so much to offer with art we decided to be an organization gearing towards creating an environment of love for 'Original Art'.

For a novice art could still be a distant dream one is afraid to venture into, given the lack of time, knowledge and expertise in locating good work. All too often one ends up using the old route of equity investment, thus getting deprived of a wonderful source of investment in art.

For first timers we at www.artistofindia.com recommend buying Original works of Art by young artists the advantages of owning a creation of a young and budding artist are manifold:

Promising young artists have a fresh outlook and so they paint original feelings.
Their work holds a very good potential for appreciation. In initial stages of their career their work is available at relatively low price, buying at this stage is much like buying a stock at the IPO stage. One can begin with collecting works by young artists and graduate to better known and matured artists as the passion builds and knowledge in Art is accumulated. There is always a possibility of those budding talents to make a mark for themselves in due course of time. One can then bask in the wisdom of having invested sensibly and rest as proud owners. The chances of fake in new artists is very minimal which is a major problem plaguing the industry as on date.

ARTISTofINDIA.COM is the ideal choice for buying good works by new artists, having direct connection with some of the most promising in the field. The mistake of buying from unscrupulous sources selling fake art at exorbitant prices can also be avoided. We on the other hand guarantee the work and issue a certificate from the company or the artist certifying the authenticity of painting.

Art creations by established painters are relatively expensive. However matured collectors have the knowledge and confidence in the value of art and so they may want a particular artist's work or a particular painting by an artist. We facilitate veteran collectors to collect their dream work of original Art through our established network of art dealers at an economical rate.

We have a huge collection of about 250 paintings for your perusal and can even arrange paintings from artists of your choice. You name it and we have it.

We invite you to become proud collectors and experience the joy of owning artworks that uplift and inspire.