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Artist's Statement

A remarkable entry of tribal tradition’s… l live in Dhar city of Madhya Pradesh state which is located at the geographical heart of India. I have been working as a full time artist on tribal paintings for many years. I think that tribe’s paintings of my surroundings do not simply delimit many regions as in map but it also deals with the spiritual qualities inherent in natural landscapes that affect on the viewers. My tribal paintings expose the color of the nature, culture and romance of the Bhagoriya festival which is celebrated at the tribal region of my Dhar district every year before the Hindus colorful Holi festival. My magnificent colorful design of Tribal paintings are adorned by the traditional embodiment of tribal landscapes, meanwhile my art form reflects a diverse mix of Tribes traditional celebration. Moreover my painting colors on tribal art represent changing weathering color of nature and realistic future for great energy and excitement. I like to change the color on canvas dynamically because color impacts the energy level in pictures such as colors like orange and yellow colors are referred to as warm colors, while the green color is used to symbolize life, prosperity and growth in the psychological sense. I hope that my tribal art composition will become a traditional limelight of tribal man and woman.

Anup Shrivastava

Awards / Honours


Sanskar Bharti Dhar2005
Fusion Print Making Camp Indore 2005
Bharat Bhavan Camp at Bhopal 2006
11th International Art Festival Kalavart Nyas Ujjain 2006
National Art Camp Indore2006
Spirit of India Camp Bombay 2007
Indira kala Sangit Vishwvidhyala Khairagarh at Dhar 2008
Mandu Camp 2009
M.P.K Kala Acadmy Bhopal 2009
Prayatna Camp Dhar 2010
Megh Malhar,Indore Beat,Truba Collage Indore 2010
Prakatan Art Camp Indore 2012

Educational Qualification

B.F.A. Govt. Fine Art College , Dhar (M.P.) Year 2008
M.F.A. Final , Govt. Fine Art College , Indore (M.P.) Year2009
Govternment of Maharashtra Drawing Examination 2004 Passed

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