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Brief Profile

Vivek Kisan Vadkar born in the year 1985 at Raigad. He did BA; ATD (Art Teacher Diploma) from Khopoli Chitrakala Mahavdyalaya, Mumbai. He is living and working at Raigad.

Artist's Statement

After Diploma from Khopoli Chitrakala Mahavdyalaya ,Mumbai University in Art and working as a freelance Fine artist , I evolved as a fine art, oil and Acrylic color painter. Commonly portraying figurative imagery, I painterly realistic paintings have received some awards as they have been exhibited in regional and state juried, invitational, group. My subject matter, color and style are a very personal, intuitive part of who I am since I discovered art .I enjoy working with Landscape & figurative more and more I am examining landscape and often combine the two.I love watching people, especially children as I wish to see the world of wonder a new through their eyes. I am most interested in small everyday moments often missed or seemingly unimportant compared to the social and headline grabbing events of the world. I derive my inspiration from nature. As I watch a certain scene, the experience of its beauty takes me to nothingness. Then I try to express my experience through my painting. This experience inspires me. The great thinker, the artist and the Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore says, “By plucking her petals, you do not gather the beauty of the flower” It only means, the experience of beauty is whole and not in parts.


ATD (Art Teacher Diploma) Khopoli Chitrakala Mahavdyalaya, Mumbai

Awards / Honours

International artist magazine finalist June - July 2012; 49th State govt. Award March 2009 Organized by Maharashtra state Govt.in Mumbai Pune Art festival Award For best Landscape 2010; In the journey of art for more than four years, has been lucky to have art lovers and buyers not only from India but also from other countries like USA, UK, Australia & South Africa.

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