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Artist's Statement

For me Art is SATYAM PARAM DHIMAHI which means 'I meditate upon the supreme truth' GOD. He channelizes my energies towards art and whenever or whatever I paint, He is The Guide. God teaches me what to do next The beauty is to surrender my own will To GODs will... Art is to know the creativity within. ART IS AN EXPRESSION OF MY OWN SELF its a search of the soul. Peace tranquility harmony love humanity. HAPPINESS My vision is to create something on a piece of silk ,paper or canvas which is pleasant ,vibrant and soothing to look at , so that the possessor of the art work can look at it with positive vibes , and thus relaxes his mind and gives a new dimension to the wall of his inner being. My message is to live life to its fullest..To see all the bright colors of life between white and black! Positive and negative!! Life and death!!! and understanding how the whole cycle work towards humanity at large, because that is key to inner success and happiness.


London Art College.
Textile designe Lady Lrwin College, New Delhi

Awards / Honours

Best works at Hyderabad show and among first three; HIFA, conferred the Certificate of Merit for the work, Spring green tulip; 2009 'Chitra Kala Vidhushi' for the contribution in arts by Kalptaru society for arts and literature, New Delhi; Jury member for the 'IMAGINE PROJECT' (The global project platform for climate entrepreneurs initiated by WWF, WORLD WIDE FUND FOR NATURE) BY Global FOCUS, WWF; 2009 Nov 14 Panel member for one of the art competition held at very large scale of 75 schools, organized by one the most popular hindi news paper DAYNIK JAGRAN.


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