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Neeraj Sharma, born 1969, New Delhi is presently based in Gurgaon (Haryana). He is a focused, result oriented and progressive professional photographer who has been working actively in Art / Media Industry for more than a decade and half now. After having received the Bachelor Degree in Fine Arts (Graphics as area of specialization) from College of Arts, Chandigarh and Diploma in Video & Lighting Techniques from Asian Academy of Films and Television, thereafter, he has worked    more...

Artist's Statement

We are creative beings, and our need to express and share both our pain and our healing is an essential part of our humanity. Through these images I would like people to EXPLORE their Lives’ past, present and future. I have been interacting with people from different segments of society. And it is really wonderful to know about their ‘Inner Feelings and Thoughts’ while looking at my photographs. I strongly believe that the photographic image itself possess the power to generate an emotional experience that itself can foster personal, inter-personal and professional growth. I believe that technology should support and enhance the result rather than rule photography.


BFA, 1992 Government College of Art, Chandigarh


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