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The spirit of art is a thing apart, being so complete that it can lodge itself in a plain as well as a more convoluted shell equally effectively. Some of the moving ragas are very simple, and you can play them with one finger; the pauses in between sounds alone making them things of beauty; no elaboration, no clever undercurrents, or subdued trills coming up to their profound simplicity. The impact of some of Roop    more...

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Roop chand, a Gurgaon based veteran artist was born to Brij lal and Champa Devi at village Dundahera in Gurgaon district in 1936. After his initial education in Gurgaon, he went to Bombay to study art. He shifted to Chandigarh and did his two post graduations in art and culture, and took up the position as fine art faculty at GCW and home Sc. College at Chandigarh. He appeared in the Indian art arena in 1960 with his series of paintings on the theme time and space which were displayed in his solo exhibitions first at Panjab university and then in Chandigarh and in Delhi1965. Till up to now he has more than 40 solo exhibitions and has participated in more than 30 public and private exhibitions After frequenting major Indian metropolitan cities in India he left Chandigarh in a controversial situation. Then, painting, exhibiting, and moving from place to place, like a gipsy, he traveled to West Asia, Middle East and Europe. After staying in Denmark for a year, and exploring Scandinavian world, came back to India to establish the School of Creative Art at Jawahar Lal Nehru University Delhi. He did not stay at JNU for a long, and on one fine morning he left for Kashmere valley. Tracking in the Himalayas for couple of months, he returned to his village Dundahera, where, after quitting Chandigarh and before embarking on his journey to western world, he had built a small ceramic studio in 1973, and established an art centre. It is this place, where he is based now.


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