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Simret Singh was born in the year 1968 at Jalandhar, Punjab, is presently based in New Delhi. She attained Bachelors and Masters degrees in French language & literature from Jawahar Lal Nehru University, New Delhi. She spent a lifetime involved in European and French language & literature and writing on various subjects of language, culture, mind, body and soul in a few magazines. She stepped into art as vocation in late 2009. Thereafter, she has had solo and group shows.    more...

Artist's Statement

Painting has been for me poetry and thought process in colors and forms... It has been an expression and record of my perspective of the external world; as well as the inner vision and its ultimate expression through the material residue. It has been my favorite vocation apart from translating literary books from English to French and vice versa, and writing on the similar subjects after having studied French language and literature from JNU …. But I am still in the process of research and learning…… and through art, I have discovered a placid process of learning and of discovery and self discovery …..I have been noticing, discovering and following my thought process constantly under evolution. I understand that art is one medium of search and research of the self and the external world, of society and of all element and emotion that builds it. From this fact, I have become of conviction that art has higher goals to fulfill, other than just being a means to decorate the walls. It has the power to grasp the present moments, to remember the past moments and to design the future moments. More than a means of introspections, it is a means of retrospective study of man, society and nature…..It is a strong means of communication and should be used to take ahead the strong cultural and moral values of the society, which would support the building blocks of the society to be fabricated by our future generations…


MA (French language and literature) Jawahar Lal Nehru University, New Delhi


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