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Nirmal Thakur born in year 1970, is based in New Delhi. She works in various mediums, revolving around various themes prominent in contemporary art. After attaining a B.F.A. degree from College of Art, New Delhi and MFA from Jiwaji University from Gwalior, MP. Apart from showcasing her works in Delhi, she has put up her works in various exhibitions in Germany, Brazil, London, and Japan. Academy and Sahitya Kala Parishad. At    more...

Artist's Statement

I have been quietly working in my way up, since the last eighteen years. Whenever I feel good or bad about the surroundings, I try to portray my feeling on canvas, paper, jute or any suitable surface. I have always loved lotus for their immense beauty and growth despite their origin. They leave a very good impact on everyone about their inner peace, purity and never complaining but acknowledging what life can give always depends upon what you can give of yourself. I have heard somewhere that talent is inborn and Godís Precious Gift to everyone, what one does and prove with his or her talent is the return gift to God.This is my little contribution in black & white & colored LOTUS series painted from Heart, dedicated to my favorite Artist always Alive Mr. M.F. Hussain.


BFA, College of Art, New Delhi


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