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As a collegian, artist Sharmistha Dutta preferred to graduate in Applied Arts and Advertising from the College of Art, Delhi. A 12 -year stint as an Art director and then eventually a Creative Director in advertising industry established Sharmistha as a promising talent destined to reach appreciable heights in her chosen career.

But all this while, a niggling urge to paint egged her on to take up the brush and put a few strokes on the canvas. And when she did so – voila! – the transformation was dramatic. Before long, Sharmistha had embarked on a parallel career as a committed artist, using her technical expertise to good use in satisfying her creativity. She specialises in Oil paintings, Acrylics and her latest venture into Digital art is being widely accepted and appreciated by one and all. Today, Sharmistha has made waves in the art world and her works are part of several prestigious galleries and private collections. She’s has to her credit several group shows and solos in the span of 3 years.

Group shows and solo shows

Her work was showcased in the prestigious Indian Art Summit held in August 2008 in Delhi.
Group show ‘Beyond boundaries’ at Epicentre, Gurgaon, February 2010
Group show ‘Timeless treasures’ at Triveni Gallery, Tansen Marg, August 2010
Solo show ‘Hues All the Way’, a Digital Art Exhibition at Bagel’s Café in Gurgaon, in September 2010 
Solo show ‘Hues All the Way’, a Digital Art Exhibition at Café Turtle, in GK, in January 2011
Group show ‘Esoteric Strokes’, a Digital Art Exhibition at the Convention Foyer, India Habitat Centre in Jan 2011
Solo show ‘Amour Pour L’art’, a mix of Digital Art and oil paintings Exhibition at the Kamani Auditorium. The show is part of the widely known ‘Indo European Dance Festival’
Solo show ‘Yaadon ki Baaraat’, a Digital Art Exhibition at Bagel’s Café in Hauz Khas Village and Defense Colony, celebrating old hindi movies and the lost art of hand painted posters of that era.

In her own words “Now that I look back, I think I was always destined to be an artist. As a child, every spare moment was spent in doodling, doing drawings and so on. It now seems that I had simply grown up with art.


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