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Code: AT-009


Anita Trehan
40 Inches X 50 Inces
Code: SG-010


Code: VS-011

Thats Not Me

Vartika Singh
8 Inches X 11 Inches
Code: AS-001

Bachpan-The Eternal Joy

Aarti Sharma
30 Inches X 40 Inches
Code: AT-006

Emerald Clasp

Anita Trehan
43 Inches X 33 Inches
Code: MK-006


Manissha Khanna
12 Inches X 24 Inches
Code: DB-007


Durgesh Birthare
30 Inches X 42 Inches
Code: AC-014

Traibal Woman

Aman Chakra
14 Inces X 20 Inches
Code: MA-002


Mahmood Ahmad
17 Inches X 22 Inches
Code: PS-012

Dalliance With Snow

Pankaj Rohilkhandvi
54 CMs X 56 CMs
Code: RS-001
Code: RT-007

After a days work 1/5

Ravindra Kumar Tanwar
36 Inches X 18 Inches
Code: RS-016
Code: AS-011

Layer of the Environment

Anil Soni
90 CM X 120 CM
Code: RC-011

I hail you the Indian Ocean-01

Roop Chand
72 Inches X 48 Inch
Code: SD-002

Lady with a Puppet 1 (Krishna)

Santanu Nandan Dinda
34 Inches X 46 Inches
Code: RR-003


Code: SG-012


Shalini Goyal
12 Inches X 14 Inches
Code: PK-001

Be My Valentine

Paramjeet Kaur
18 Inches X 22 Inches
Code: NP-011


N P Pandey
12 Inches X 12 Inches