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Art Advisory Services

artinfoindia.com assists in all aspects of building a fine art collection, meeting each client's special needs, objectively and with prudence.
With years of experience, long-term relationships and industry knowledge, we are distinctively positioned to help collectors acquire significant works of art from both established and upcoming artists. We educate and guide clients through purchases from galleries, artist's studios, private collections, and auctions.
Since collecting art is also a form of asset allocation, we educate the collector on assessing value prior to acquisition and reappraise works as they change in value over time.
We regularly monitor art schools, fairs, and auctions in order to provide clients knowledge of current developments.

Art Collection Management

From archiving and documentation to shipping, insurance, storage, framing, installation, and conservation, we are adept at overseeing all activities related to art collection management.
If you need assistance with any legal issues such as authentication and planning we are here to guide you.

Art Events and Exhibitions

We have sound experience in organizing Group or Solo Exhibitions, Art Festivals, Workshops, Camps, National and International Art Events for School Children.
3-4 year time period maybe required for booking of premium galleries and institutions. As per your requirement we are willing to provide additional services like designing and distributing marketing material, posters, invitation cards and catalogues, PR and Media Interaction services.

Data Management

We are interconnected with galleries and Art organizations locally and globally.
By linking with us, you can get up to date information about Artists, Exhibitions, Art Events, Auction Houses and Galleries all over the world.

Art and Interior Decoration

Art is an integral part of interior decoration. The choice of Artwork is important in creating the desired ambience. It is a delicate combination of aesthetics and science and a reflection of who you are.  artinfoindia.com has the expertise to guide you in terms of best value for money, aesthetic appeal, individuality and quality.